Panorama 360 Reference Models
Panorama 360 business reference models provide a detailed description and models of key business processes including extensive definitions, main activities to be performed for each process plus typical conceptual entity relationship models also with extensive definitions. These documents include a set of guiding questions to assist management in defining their business directions.

The concepts and the process maps found in these reference models can be applied to all lines of business and be valuable references to start and manage any projects.

  • Customer Relationship Management includes:
    • Customer Knowledge Management (CRM)
    • Customer Service Management
  • Policy Management/Contract Management includes :
    • Product Management, Distribution Channel Management, Sales management, Policy Management/Contract Management, Service Provider Management, Reinsurance, Life Cycle Management, etc….
  • Claims management/Benefit Management includes:
    • Benefit/Claims Case Management, Benefit/Claims Payment Management, Benefit/Claims Services Management, Fraud Control Management.
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